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Professional Roof Repair – Fire Restoration Services

There are few events more devastating for a homeowner than a house fire. Not only is the damage invariably extensive and expensive, there is also the potential for injury and loss of life, in addition to the physical losses that result from fire, smoke and water. At no time is the need for professional restoration services more necessary than following a home fire.

What Is Fire and Water Restoration?

A professional fire and water restoration company will take immediate steps to assure that the property is safe to enter, and that any possible structural damage has been assessed.

Succeeding efforts will be directed toward minimizing further damage. Specifically, a fire restoration firm will survey existing conditions after the fire has been extinguished, and take steps to control soot staining, prevent the spread of mold and mildew, and prevent the oxidation that can cause rust and corrosion of metal surfaces, even before the removal of damaged materials begins.

An Ordered Approach to Repairs

A house fire is devastating, even if the home is not a total loss. However, immediate action can help to preserve the structure, and will minimize lasting damage to the structure. Acting quickly is the best safeguard against crippling financial loss, and further damage as well. Even if there are no injuries, the road back to normal life can be rocky, and it will inevitably involve time, planning and effort.

Professional service and advice is the best route to follow. A professional has an ordered approach, based on experience, that includes:

  • Debris Removal: Soot can cause lasting damage to possessions and home surfaces. A top priority of fire restoration services is to remove the soot left on surfaces, and to thoroughly clean the home and any possessions that can be salvaged.
  • Identification of Salvageable Items: Your fire restoration company will use their best judgment to separate items that are too damaged to restore from those that can be salvaged, cleaned and repaired. Such determination requires extensive knowledge and expertise in order to make proper decisions, and it is best to rely on professional advice.
  • Drying Out and Restoration Procedures: Damage caused by water can be as extensive and difficult to treat as the damage caused by the fire itself. The job of drying out structural timbers, framing, sheetrock, flooring and sub-flooring and invisible behind-the-wall damage is a task for trained professionals.
  • Moving Forward: Once fire damage has been mitigated, and deodorization, stain removal and deep cleaning procedures are complete, any necessary rebuilding can begin. The timeline will vary, of course, depending upon the extent of the damage.

With almost a century of experience, there is one roofing company in Toronto that has the ability to meet all homeowner expectations for service and reliability.

Reliable Fire Restoration Services

Dominion Roofing is the company to call, providing the expertise and the experience that Toronto residents can rely upon. For nearly 100 years, this firm has served local residents’ needs for new roof installation, roofing repairs, and fire restoration services. The firm has built a reputation of prompt response time, quality service, and exemplary performance. With an emphasis on safety, innovation, exceptional products, and the highest quality standards in the industry, this firm is a trusted resource, Dominion Roofing provides the type of fire restoration Toronto homeowners can count on.

As an industry trendsetter, this firm also supplies the building industry with a full-range of roofing options, works with individual homeowners to update existing roofs, repair storm-damaged shingles, and can work with you on innovative solutions to your roofing needs. With a record of quick response, professional advice, unequaled dedication and superb performance, Dominion Roofing is the company to call. No matter the size of your roof or the extent of your need, Dominion Roofing is the answer you seek!


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