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Multiple color roof

What Color Should My Roof Be?

If you plan on reroofing your home because it is getting old, has damage or you plan to sell the house soon, you’re probably debating about what type of roof color to pick. You want the roof color to enhance the overall appearance of the home and boost the curb appeal. You may also want to pick a roof color that also provides heating and cooling benefits. Here are tips on how to narrow down your choices in roof colors.

Modern roof covered with tile effect PVC coated brown metal roof sheets.

Color Choices Based on Climate

When selecting roof and house colors, keep in mind the location. Dark colors will absorb more sunlight and keep it inside the home, which make the colors perfect for places in colder regions. Lighter colors will reflect the sunlight more and should be considered when living in warmer climates.

Roof and House Color Combinations

Another way to select a color is to look at the existing colors on the exterior of the house. You can select a color that is present in the siding, natural stone, bricks or stucco. When deciding on what color roof for white house, blue house, or gray house, stick with traditional colors such as black or dark gray shingles.

If your house is a green, yellow or red, you can select a gray, black or brown color for the roof. Warmer tans, browns and cream colors on the outside of the home can accept colors that are the same hue, such as a mix of brown and cream or straight brown. These colors complement each other without the house looking faded or bland.

metal roof colorMetal Roof and Siding Color Combinations

When thinking about metal roofs, you may believe that they come in a standard metallic silver color. However, metal roof materials come in as many colors as shingles, including green, blue, red, yellow, black, gray, white and even copper shades. Just like picking colors for shingles, select metal roof colors based on the home style, location of the home, and the existing colors along the siding.

Neighborhood Rules and Considerationssiding color combinations

If you live in a homeowner’s association (HOA) area or subdivision, there may be rules and standards in place regarding which colors are allowed for the roof and siding. Always look into the available rules to narrow down the choices. Then select the roof color that matches your personal style without getting into trouble with the local regulations.

Select the Color that You Will Love

Unless you plan to sell the house immediately and you are only selecting a color to attract buyers, then stick with a hue that matches your personal preferences and design styles. You want to have the color that brings a sense of warmth and a welcoming atmosphere every single time that you come home. So whether you select colors that make the house look bigger or smaller, or stick with hues that help with heating and cooling your home, your own interests should always come first.

Once selecting a house and roof color, contact Dominion Roofing. We have the contractors who can help you pick out the types of materials that you desire on your roof, such as shingles, wood, clay, slate or metal. Then we can professionally install the roof so you have a beautiful home.


Does climate have anything to do with my choice of roof colour?

Thinking about the climate in your location will help you determine the colour of your roof since the colour influences the temperature in your attic.

Do metal roofs come in different colours?

Metal roofs do come in different colours. There is a limitless variety of colours that you can choose from for your home. The beauty of the various colours available for the roof is that you can have them specifically customized to your liking.

Is there any law that regulates choice of roof colours?

There is no law in particular that regulates the choice of colour for roofing. However, there may be neighbourhood guidelines and regulations on roofing colours. Ensure that you find out what they are especially if you live in a home area’s association area or subdivision.

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