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Skylight Installation & Repair Services

Skylights are commonly seen on residential and commercial roofs nowadays, and are primarily used for energy saving and esthetic purposes. Skylights come in all shapes, sizes and types, and include fixed units, operable units, retractable units, and tubular devices, to name a few. It has been proven that the addition of a skylight can reduce lighting energy usage by as much as 80%, even on overcast days.

Dominion Roofing has been installing and repairing skylights since our inception, and we are well equipped to provide all the information and options about installing, repairing or replacing skylights at your property.

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The most common issue with skylights are leaks due to age and/or structural damage. Unless your skylight is cracked or visibly broken, the only way you can tell if its structural integrity has been compromised is with water. It is recommended that you check your skylights after each rainfall to ensure there aren’t any signs of leaking. If you notice signs of leakage or something that just doesn’t look right, call us and schedule a Roof Tune-Up® right away and let one of our trained technicians assess the situation.


  • Open seams
  • Debris in and around the protrusion
  • Damage to roof close to the skylight
  • Water stains on ceiling
  • A lot of condensation
  • Discolored and/or bubbling drywall
  • Cracked/broken glass or plastic
  • Drafts
  • Old or outdated model

Remember to check both the interior of your home and the roof exterior! If you see anything abnormal at all, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll come out to assess the situation. Whether your skylight repair involves new flashing, resealing or calls for a replacement, Dominion Roofing has you covered.


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