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Dominion Roofing offers a wide range of residential and commercial roofing services in Toronto. From roof repairs to re-roofs, this roofing company has got you covered!

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Have you found yourself asking, “Are there any great roofers near me?” If so, you’re in luck! Dominion Roofing is proud to be the North York roofing company homeowners and businesses have trusted for almost a century.

Our menu of services includes everything from standard maintenance to repairs to brand-new builds.

Standard Roof Maintenance

You should have your roof professionally inspected at least once a year to prevent minor damage and standard wear and tear from going undetected for too long. Our experts will look for signs of damaged shingles, potential leaks, and other problems that could cost you a lot of money in the long run so we can proactively create a plan that keeps your home’s most important feature safe and secure.

Roof Tune-Up®

Eventually, every roof needs maintenance. Our Roof Tune-Up® system was designed to take care of minor repairs and issues, such as:

  • Leaks
  • Missing shingles
  • Animal damage
  • Eavestrough cleaning
  • Siding repairs


The average well-kept roof can last for 30 to 50 years, depending on the material from which it’s constructed. Once a roof’s time is up, it’s best to replace it as soon as possible to prevent further problems and expenses. You don’t want to trust your re-roofing to just any North York roofing company, though! You need to rely on Dominion Roofing and the experience we’ve gained from doing over a million re-roofs.

We have experience with all types of roofs, including:

  • Aluminum
  • Cedar
  • Copper
  • Shingles
  • Home siding

New Construction in North York

Dominion Roofing has become a trusted source for home builders around the greater Toronto area, including North York. We understand what builders need from us, and we work closely to ensure homeowners’ dreams come true with high-quality roofs that are meant to withstand the test of time, along with superior customer service.

If you’re looking for roofing North York residents and business leaders trust, look no further! Contact Dominion Roofing for your quote today!

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For more than 95 years, Dominion Roofing has reigned as Toronto's roofing authority. Exceptional products, superior service, renowned innovation, and the highest safety standards has led Dominion to become the most trusted name in the industry.

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